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The nutrient rich Guyana current flows over Grenada and Carriacou’s volcanic coastlines, contributing to a healthy and
varied coral reef environment that has few equals in the Caribbean. In addition to their fine reefs, Grenada in particular is recognised for its exceptional range of wrecks, which has made the island a truly unique Caribbean dive destination. The
islands of Grenada and Carriacou are located in the Eastern Caribbean and along with Petit Martinique they collectively
make up the island state of Grenada.

Grenada offers divers an exceptional range of different dives. There are over 30 sites concentrated around the South West tip of the island, the majority of which are within 30 minutes of the dive centre. They range in character
from beautiful coral gardens suitable for inexperienced divers through to adrenaline charged drift dives where
encounters with a variety of rays and sharks are commonplace.

Grenada is renowned for its wrecks in general, and for one in particular. The Bianca C is a 200 metre liner that sank
in 1961. Lying at a gentle angle the wreck supports a large amount of marine life and has numerous points of interest,
including the swimming pool and the bridge. The islands most recent wreck, Shakem, presents a wonderful dive with
an open bridge, galley, cabins and freight rooms waiting to be explored. This is a perfect playground for the wreck
enthusiast. In all there are nine attractive wrecks just a short boat ride from the centre.

The islands volcanic base has created wonderful dramatic dives and prompted the growth of the islands famous
coral reefs, which are largely unmolested and undamaged. Black coral can be found on sites like Dragons bay
and Moliniere reef, competing for spaces with sea fans, gorgonians and pillar corals. 

The island of Carriacou is accessed by ferry via Grenada. Carriacou is a small island with a simple, laidback charm
that would appeal to anyone looking to get away from it all. Ringed by reefs, Carriacou is largely untouched
by tourism. The waters surrounding the island abound with life and colour. The islands dive sites range from
uncomplicated dives on sheltered reefs through to advanced wall dives. ‘Deep Blue’ is widely recognised
as a leading Caribbean dive site with Eagle rays, Stingray and Nurse sharks often encountered.
Other sites include Two Sisters, a haven for schooling fish and turtles.

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